Use vanilla gift card To Make Someone Fall in Love with You

From aluminum bottles to cocktail shakers, thermal bags, parasols and even squeezes that keep your drink refrigerated, there is no shortage of options for you to offer high temperatures with a simple and efficient solution to retain customers and be present in their daily lives.

The idea is that, when employees and clients go on vacation at the beach, for example, use personalized gifts and thus disseminate the brand to other people who are vacationing in the place. Interesting isn’t it? And here comes vanilla visa gift, check the vanilla visa gift card balance, customize it, wrap it and gift to the clients.

Follow and learn more about how this strategy is important to your business and what are the main gifts will be on the rise in summer 2018. Be sure to check it out!

Personalized Summer Gift Ideas

  1. Personalized Cup with Straw

Summer, sun, beach, heat. This is the perfect setting for a juice, a soda or even that very cold water, isn’t it? The feeling is even better when the drink is served in a different and personalized glass.

This is the case with a straw cup, which has a different layout and can be customized with your company’s logo and visual elements.

  1. Custom Backpack

When you go to the beach, some items are essential and cannot be forgotten at all! Sunscreen, towels, a basic beach trip, toys for children, a healthy snack for when the hunger strikes, among other items need to be carried so that enjoyment in the sand is guaranteed.

  1. Custom Parasol

Did you know that skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the world? Who presents this data is the National Cancer Institute – INCA. That is why using sunscreen and avoiding excessive exposure to the sun is important to prevent this terrible disease from developing.

The personalized umbrella is an excellent option to protect yourself from strong sunlight during your stay at the beach, making it an interesting gift idea for your employees.

  1. Personalized Porcelain Mug

Post long day at the beach, there happens not to be anything like going back to your home on the coast and having a tea or coffee to relax and enjoy the rest and freshness of the night, do you agree?

  1. Personalized Squeezes

Everyone knows that during the summer the body needs a large volume of water to stay hydrated. Therefore, nothing better than giving a Personalized Squeeze!

  1. Personalized Barbecue Kit

In summer everyone just thinks about resting, partying and making the most of the season. And what happens most among the festivities, is the famous barbecue.

If you give a personalized barbecue kit to your client, it means that your brand will be present in social gatherings and will be seen by many people.