Top 5 Kindergarten Homeschool Packages of 2019

Are you worried about your child’s academic progress? Or you want your child to enhance his skills, but you have no idea about which homeschool package you should purchase? You need not to worry anymore about your child since after a detailed research we have come up with the reviews comprising pros, cons, costs and teaching tricks for the best 5 kindergartens homeschool packages.

Product 1: Saxon Math K: An Incremental Development

Saxon Math programs for kindergarten is also known as “Home Study Meeting Book” that helps to boost confidence and compute the new concepts. This academic material conceptualizes the idea that is stretched over a considerable period. The material is mentioned in simple steps (also increments) to help your child grasp the information before proceeding to another.

For instance, the methods of each problem-solving question are explained in a flow to easily understand the logic behind it. This feature is combined with persistent review in every topic throughout the year. Each year, lessons are never eliminated rather the level of challenge is increased every day to become completely familiar with it. Each grade has its own meeting book, and this is the first edition meet book for Kindergarten.

The package incorporates Home Study Teacher’s Editions with scripted lessons and material list, meeting book that is used every day to practice counting. Your child may consume up to 15-20 minutes to prepare for some lessons. The book can is specifically targeting the children between age of 5 to 7. While, offers two options; either purchase a new book that is for $18.70 or used one that would cost you $15.75.

• Scripted lesson
• Reasonable
• Builds confidence
• Minimal time is consumed
• Easy to follow as steps are provided
• Can include repetitive lessons for certain children

Product 2: Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

Are you worried that your child is growing up and has already halfway through his first grade but still facing difficulties to read? Or is your Then this book is the right choice for your child to experience RAs DISTARreg process.

It is proven by a research that children who learn through the process of DISTARreg method, outperform their mates who learn from other programs. This book is a step-by-step program that instructs parents on how to teach their children to read effectively with creating more excitement in them.

You just need to take out your precious 20 minutes in a day and within 100 teaching days your child will master in reading with a solid foundation. There is no additional material required like scissors and flash cards. All that it demands is JUST YOU to be available with your child creating an interactive session.

The book is illustrated with colorful images and color-coded for clarity and of course to not sound a boring book for your children. This would enhance your child’s skills to an advanced level to become a competent reader. It would not just upgrade the academic learning but also creates a bond between you and your child. This book has been assigned as a #1 best seller in language experience approach that would just cost you for $13.87 on

• Affordable
• Introduces to basic phonics
• Easy to follow
• Can become frustrating for some children if not right approach used

Product 3: Classical Conversations Foundations:

In classical conversations foundations program, children between the age of 4 and 12 memorize the essential facts from each subject that will help them to build the foundation for academic achievement in future. The subjects covered under this program include; English, History, Math, Geography, Science, Bible. As the matter fact, the package includes a CD and not a book to learn. In total the program costs under $567 and you can access it through The cost comprises of further details that is:
First year tuition fee would cost you around $470 that incorporates registration and supply fees. If you want a Foundation Guide for $75 that includes memory work for all 3 cycles and can be re-used for your children for every year of Foundations. Also, the package comes with a tin whistle for both mom and child under $11.

• Build the foundation for academic success
• Opportunity to be a part of community
• Covers a broad range of subjects
• Comparatively expensive than other projects

Product 4: 180 Days of Practice for Kindergarten (Set of 3)

The 3-workbook set is an ideal choice for your children who just begin to learn the foundation. These would strengthen your child’s concepts of reading, writing and math. The set ensures to develop the comprehension, vocabulary and study skills. Also, it would help to build the writing and grammar skills that are significantly necessary when your child reaches to higher grade level.
Every practice page of the book includes questions tied to the concepts boost the self-confidence of your child. The set would cost you for $33.31 on

• Have engaging activities
• Step-by-step instructions
• You might need additional material

Product 5: Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills, Grade K

The book portrays a very colorful and illustrative image that guides the children by easy to follow steps through various engaging and evolving activities. It covers the topics and activities related to language, phonics, writing and math.
Well, if you are looking for a book that covers all the basic essential grammatical tools then definitely go for this one that would only cost you $6.19 on

• Motivating activities
• Easy to grasp
• Can be too basic concepts for certain children


Now it completely makes sense to me when moms are worried about the academic achievement of their children? Obviously, every mom would be extremely happy to see its children flourishing in a competitive environment. Therefore, I hope that all the moms out there would consider the reviews helpful to make a right decision for the future of their children.

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