Homeschool Curriculum Packages

There are various reasons for which you want your kids to homeschool instead of going to an actual school. Some of the parents travel a lot because of business or because of their job and it is difficult for their kids to stick to just one school because of constant moving from one place to another.

On the other hand, some kids have a hard time adjusting at the school environment and hence they opt for homeschooling which is better for them in many aspects.

Some of the parents are dissatisfied with the academic instruction at school and they prefer homeschooling for their children. Some of the students may have mental health issues which lead to them homeschooling instead of going to school. There maybe other reasons as well.

After going through the various reasons of why students homeschool, let’s find out the advantages of homeschooling. You will be quite surprised to see how beneficial homeschooling is for your children.

Some of the advantages of homeschooling:

Parents get to stay with their children

The first and the most important thing is that the parents get to stay with their kids and they can monitor their kids without any trouble. In school, parents hardly get a chance to see what their students are learning and how they are learning but when homeschooling, the parents can have a better interaction and communication relating to knowledge and learning as they are doing it together.

Usually, when kids are at school, they hardly get time for spending with parents so homeschooling gives the children and the parents a very good bonding time.

Children mature at their own speed, there is no pressure.

In a classroom, students are expected to mature at the same time as other students but when homeschooling, the students take time and mature without pressure. If a child is taking time to learn some concepts, he or she is expected to do it with the rest of the class and is also sometimes considered a slow learner. Hence homeschool allows the students to learn with confidence without pressure.

Parents have a better understanding of the interests of their children.

The school teachers require a lot of time understanding the interests of their students as they have not spent much time with them. On the contrary, the parents spend most time with their children hence they have a better understanding of the interests of the children. A teacher may not be able to identify that the student is more interested in studying plants as compared to animals but the parent will be able to do identify the interests earlier than the teacher.

Your children stay away from bullies of the school.

One of the major problems in school is bullies, bullies have a very negative impact on the children. They have a great influence on the mental health of the children and leave a very long-lasting impact. If somehow, the child is not mentally healthy, he or she will have a hard time understanding concepts and learning. The child may lose confidence in himself and may also feel inferior in front of the other students. Students can be prevented from this problem of mental illness with homeschooling.

Homeschool allows the family life to nurture.

When the children are at school and the parents are at work, the parents and children don’t get much time to communicate and interact. But with homeschooling, the students have time to spend with family. Secondly, when the parents are the instructors of the children, there is more bonding of the parents and the children.

There are no restrictions and boundaries for the students, they can learn all sorts of things.

When homeschooling, students don’t have to be stuck on one topic, they can explore and experience. They can learn all the topics of their interests. In a classroom, the students are restricted to the module that is taught by the teachers an they are limited to only that but when they homeschooling, there are no boundaries or restrictions they can learn whatever they want.

The children become independent and confident thinkers.

In the classroom, the students are dependent on their teachers and whatever the teacher is teaching they are only learning that without knowing that does it interest them or not, whether they are fully understanding it or not. while homeschooling, the children become independent, they are learning what they want to and how they want to which provides them confidence. They become confident thinkers.

Parents are the role models for the children who homeschool.

While homeschooling, the children spend the most time with their parents and they are their instructors, friends, parents and role models. They look up to their parents and learn all the things from their parents. So, the parents are also aware of what their students are learning and how they are learning.

Flexibility in the curriculum.

In the classroom there is not enough flexibility, every student has individual needs and capabilities so it becomes difficult for each student to understand all the concepts at the same speed as the other students. But homeschooling on the other hand, allows the students to learn all the concepts at their own speed. The flexibility in the curriculum allows them to learn according to their interests and level of understanding.

Now you all know the some of the key benefits of homeschooling, once you have made the decision of homeschooling your child for whatsoever reason, you will need a homeschool curriculum package.

What is a homeschool curriculum package?

A homeschool curriculum package is a module or a course that the children study at home instead of going to school.

There are two types of curriculum packages one is the combined curriculum package and the second one is the individual curriculum package.

• Combined Curriculum Package: the combine curriculum package includes the curriculum of all the subjects. It includes all the general subjects like Mathematics, English and Science. You don’t have to invest in any other curriculum once you have the combined curriculum package.

• Individual Curriculum Package: The individual curriculum package is designed to focus on one subject. If you want to focus on English reading then you will get a curriculum specifically designed for that. If you want to overcome any weakness of the child then you should opt for the individual curriculum package so that you can give more emphasis to the weakness.

Why is the curriculum most important factor in the learning of children?

There is a wide range of homeschool curriculum packages available, all of them come with distinct features and goals. Each of the package aims at something different for your child to learn. Now a question arises how are you going to look for a homeschool curriculum package? The question may sound difficult but don’t we worry because we got you covered. After a lot of research, we have come up with the list of things that you need to keep in mind before getting your hands on a homeschool curriculum package.

Factors to consider:

Learning style of your child

Before buying the curriculum package you need to know the learning style of your child. You need to see that whether your child is a good reader or does he like workbooks more. You need to see how your child learns and what teaching methodology suits more. If you are not clear of the learning style of your child then you will have a hard time finding the best homeschool curriculum package.

Your style of teaching

The second thing that you need to know is your own teaching style. If you don’t like to read out loud or if you don’t like using flashcards then you will need to find out an alternative solution for that. Once you have figured out your own style of teaching that you are comfortable with, then you will be able to find the right homeschool curriculum package.

You need to prioritize

You need to prioritize the need of your child. If you feel that your child is weak in mathematics or is not doing really well in reading then you will need specific curriculum packages for that in order to overcome the weaknesses of your child. Also, if you want to challenge your child with a trickier set of course then you will need to find the curriculum accordingly.

Interests of your child

The most important thing that matters is the interest of your child. If your child is interested in science and performs really well but you get a curriculum that focuses mainly on mathematics then it will be of no use. The curriculum should be according to the interest of your children so they enjoy learning instead of getting bored and tired.

Your budget

Another important factor that you need to keep in mind before buying a homeschool curriculum package is your budget. There are different price ranges of different homeschool curriculums and these price ranges depend upon the type of the curriculum and the company that is manufacturing it. Some of them are cheap, some are more on the affordable side and some of them are very expensive. You don’t want to invest in a very expensive curriculum package when it doesn’t fulfill your need. Get the curriculum that fulfills your need and also suits your budget.

Capability of your child

Lastly, the capability of your child matters a lot. You don’t want to bombard your child with a very tricky and difficult curriculum. Homeschool basically aims at providing individual attention to each student. So, get a curriculum that your child will be able to do without getting lost. It should not be very easy and it should not be very difficult, it should be able to challenge the children according to their capabilities.

There are certain things that you need to ensure that the curriculum packages that you are choosing for your child, should have. The children get bored easily and sometimes in the beginning it might get hard to choose the right curriculum package because they are available in so many types and forms. In the middle of the completion of the curriculum you may realize that this curriculum doesn’t suit your child so it is really important that the homeschool curriculum package that you are choosing must be able to cater all the needs of your child.

What should the homeschool curriculum package be like?

It should meet the individual needs of the child

The homeschool curriculum package should have all the characteristics that are needed to meet the individual needs of the child. Every child has a different capability and homeschooling provides individual attention to the children. In order to fully impart knowledge and to make sure that the concepts are fully understood, the curriculum package should be able cater the need of child.

Students should be able to start anytime and anywhere

The main purpose of homeschooling is that there are no restrictions and boundaries, the children are free to learn and grow in their own space. It is very necessary that the students don’t have any pressure upon them because if there is pressure then they won’t be able to learn properly. Homeschool curriculum package should students the freedom to start whenever they want to so that they can put in all their effort to learn and understand.

It should develop advanced problem-solving skills

The basic aim of the homeschooling is not to just impart knowledge but it should also prepare the students to become aware decision makers and critical thinkers. The curriculum should be able to teach them problem solving skills. The problem-solving skills not only related to mathematics
but also related to other fields of study and various problems of life.

It should allow the students to explore topics

Just like the classroom, the curriculum should not just be limited to certain topics, it should be able to make the students learn and explore various topics. It should allow the students to study various topics in depth which then gives rise to curiosity and they will be able to ask questions and then figuring out their answers. Curiosity is very important so that the students can understand different concepts with interest and also with the spirit of learning more and more.

They should have a good visual representation

It is said that visuals are understood better than words. The curriculum package should include visual representation of different concepts and ideas so that the students can quickly learn them. The text takes more time to understand while the visuals are easily interpreted and understood.
The visuals are also memorized for a longer period of time as compared to words or text. Just consider a table of some words and pictures for vocabulary, the students will immediately remember the words that they have learnt because of the pictures, but if you remove the pictures, it is likely that the student will remember it for a very short period of time.

It should be able to build a strong foundation for future learning

It is usually considered that the homeschooling doesn’t have a strong foundation as compared to school, it all depends upon the curriculum that the child is studying, if the concepts are not clear then it is likely that the student will forget what he had studied in the past but if the curriculum has the capacity to make the concepts clear of the students then it will definitely have a strong foundation for future learning. Look for a curriculum that uses a teaching methodology in which the students are able to understand all the concepts very easily without any complexities.

As we said earlier that it is comparatively difficult to choose a homeschool curriculum package because we are not usually aware of the distinct features, teaching methodology and the major characteristics of the curriculum. In order to provide you all with an even better understanding of the homeschool curriculum packages, lets move on to the product reviews. In the product reviews you will be able to have a clear image of what are the options available and what you are looking for.

Some of the recommended homeschool curriculum packages are as follow:

1. Evan-Moor Homeschool Teaching Resource Curriculum Bundle, Grade 1 Complete Set – 18 Supplemental Workbooks – includes Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, … Amazon Title – Evan-Moor Homeschool Curriculum

This homeschool curriculum is designed to facilitate the parents with homeschooling in every way so that they can provide their kids with academic success. The beginners may find it very difficult to teach their kids at home but when you have this homeschool curriculum package, you are definitely going to be able to do a great job because the curriculum provides great help to the parents. The best thing about this curriculum is that it comes with a printed pacing guide which will provide you all the instructions and the facilitation that you need in order to successfully teach your children. This package contains all the course for the basic subjects, these subjects include English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

Technical Details:
Package Dimensions: 17.7 x 12.5 x 6.5 inches
Shipping Weight: 18.1 pounds

Reading: It includes reading lessons that improve the essential reading skills and comprehension lessons are included for improved reading strategies. It has a full color activity book that also improves reading.
Writing: It allows children to practice fundamental writing skills with the help of various activities that include story writing and writing a super sentence.
Language: For the language, this curriculum helps the children master grammar, mechanics and vocabulary.
Spelling: For spelling, this curriculum has weekly spelling practices which come with fun activities so that the students Enjoy them as well.
Vocabulary: Four news words are presented each day in order to improve the vocabulary of the students.

The curriculum contains comprehensive exercises which are not complicated but allow the students to practice mathematics. It includes daily math practice and math fundamentals.

The curriculum includes inquiry-based activities that allow the students build a better understanding of scientific concepts and vocabulary. It comes with daily science and skill sharpeners.

Social Studies:
Map activities and history pockets are included in social studies which allow the students to explore the topics of social studies in depth.

• It is designed to facilitate the beginners so that they can achieve academic success of their children.
• It comes with a pacing guide which is prepared by an experienced homeschooler in order to provide information and guidance to the parents.
• It is a full activity-based curriculum which allows the children to learn and grow with enjoyment, it prevents them from getting bored of studying.

Some people may find it challenging but it is not necessary for all the people.

We will give this homeschool curriculum package a 4.8 out of 5 because of its features.

2. A Beka K5 Homeschool Child Full-Grade Kit (Manuscript Edition), NEW EDITION

This homeschool curriculum package is a perfect blend of knowledge and practice. It has a combination of all the subjects and allows the students to succeed in the academics. It covers all the subjects and aspects that are necessary for the growth and learning of the child and also for the formation of a strong fundamental foundation that is required for future learning. Once you have invested in this homeschool curriculum package you will not need any other individual curriculum for a specific subject because it includes all the subject and all the areas that are required. If you are someone who was looking for just one curriculum covering all the areas and subjects then this is definitely the one that you should choose because not only does it have all the subjects but it also allows the students to explore various topics.

Technical Details:
Package Dimensions: 13.5 x 10 x 5 inches
Shipping Weight: 7.4 pounds

It includes the following subject areas and titles:

Word book: This allows the students to read and understand the meanings of various words, it also helps the students improve their vocabulary.

• Basic Phonics Readers: most of the students have a hard time with pronunciation of the words, and also with the formation of words, this aims at improving the phonics of the students by practicing them daily. Students start pronouncing words correctly and they also quickly learn the formation of words.

• Letters and Sounds: The letters and sounds are the basics of the language; this curriculum allows the students to practice letters and sounds with which they can form new words and they can also understand the pronunciation of various words.

• Miniature alphabet flashcards: The flashcards allow the students to recognize the alphabets quickly. Visual representation is the best way of memorizing things, that’s why flashcards allow the students to learn more efficiently with the help of pictures and letters.

• Writing with phonics: This provides the students with an opportunity to learn to write with the help of phonics really quickly. It gets hard to form words without phonics so with phonics, the students take less time in forming words and writing them.

• Writing practices: The curriculum not only focuses on the spoken language but also focuses on the writing skills. Hence, the students can practice writing in order to improve the writing skills.

• Numbers skills: The curriculum also has mathematical exercises which are comprehensive and aim at improving the numbers skills of the students.

• Think and learn: The last part includes the subjects of science and social studies where the students use their mind to think and then find answers to the questions. In this part the students are learning on their own by thinking.

• It is a complete set of all the subjects and covers various areas of the subjects.
• It contains the curriculum for the whole year.
• It is very well organized which makes it very easy to use.
• It will ensure a very solid fundamental foundation of your child.

It doesn’t come with a teacher’s manual and some people might have difficulty with it but it is very well organized and very easy to understand.

We will give this product a 4.5 out of 5 because of the facilitation that it provides to the students.

3. Horizons Homeschool Curriculum 1st Grade 1, Complete Set (Set Includes: Math, Penmanship, Health, Spelling & Vocabulary, Phonics & Reading) 

This is another great homeschool curriculum package that includes all the subjects that a beginner needs to study in order to have a good foundation for future learning. It includes lessons that the children can learn little by little. It allows you to pace your child and then you can adjust the speed accordingly, you can go fast or you can slow after observing the learning speed of the child. If you feel that you are child is taking longer to learn you can slow down the speed and if you feel that the child is leaning faster then you can move on faster as well. The best thing about this curriculum is that not only does it teaches academics but it also teaches life lessons, life skills and other moral lessons like caring for others and kindness. It is a perfect blend of academics and life lessons, if you are looking for something that teaches life lessons as well along with academics then this homeschool curriculum is the perfect choice for you.

Technical Details:
Package Dimensions: 12.5 x 12.1 x 10.1 inches
Shipping Weight: 18.3 pounds

It includes the following subject areas and titles:

Curriculum for Math:

The curriculum for math includes exercises and fun activities that will improv the numbers skills of the children. They will be able to count well and will also learn other mathematical exercises.

Phonics and Reading:

It has a separate portion for phonics and reading. Phonics allows the students to learn the pronunciation of the words and also the students learn to form words quickly. Reading is also an extremely important component of learning any language. It allows the students to read properly with the help of comprehension lessons. The comprehension lessons improve the reading skills of the students very effectively and efficiently.


This portion of the homeschool curriculum package teaches the students about life skills, they learn about health and how to remain healthy. It also helps them learn about proper diet and intake of food.

Spelling and Vocabulary:

There are different activities that maybe challenging but not very complicated, they end up being very fun for the students, they love learning different words and their pronunciation. With the help of phonics, the students are able to form new words.


This homeschool curriculum package focuses upon the writing skills of the students along with the reading skills. Some students are so good at reading but their writing skills are weak, this curriculum is designed in a way that it focuses on both the things equally.

• It gives an opportunity to the students to learn each concept completely before moving forward.
• It provides clear instructions, it is colorful which makes it interesting to read.
• It comes with worksheets which are very helpful for the students.

Some of the lessons are quite lengthy which the students may not prefer.

We will give this product a 4.5 out of 5 because of its great organization.

4. First Little Readers: Guided Reading Level A: A Big Collection of Just-Right Leveled Books for Beginning Readers

This is a collection of books for specifically for reading. If you are in search of curriculum specifically for reading for your child then you should definitely give this one a try because it contains 100 colorful books that will improve the reading skills of your children. Since they are very colorful, the children are attracted to it and they enjoy reading with colorful pictures. If you feel that your child is lacking practice of reading and reading requires specific attention then you should definitely purchase this package. You can also use the same package in order to improve the reading skills of your other kids.

Technical Details:
Product Dimensions: 11 x 5.3 x 13.4 inches
Shipping Weight: 5.4 pounds

Key features:

• Sturdy Storage Box: There are hundred little books so it can become a hassle to keep them stored in one place, hence the sturdy storage box comes handy. You can put all the books in it and then you are good to go.
• Teaching guide: it not contains books but also contains a teaching guide through which, the parents can achieve all the information and then they can easily implement the teaching methodology in order to improve the reading skills of the children.
• Lessons and tips: The homeschool curriculum package has lessons and tips, to guide the parents as well.

• It is specifically designed to improve the reading skills of the children.
• The books are very colorful and are also very easily readable.
• These books give confidence to the students and they eel accomplished after reading these books.
Some of the pages in the book might be very repetitive.
We will give this product a 4.5 out of 5 because of its great functioning.

5. 180 Days of Practice for Kindergarten (Set of 3), Assorted Kindergarten Workbooks for Kids Ages 4-6, Includes 180 Days of Reading, 180 Days of Writing, 180 Days of Math

This is a short course, its time frame is 180 days, it is for the kindergarten kids and includes reading, writing and math practice. When you initially decide to homeschool your children, you need a homeschool curriculum package for beginners to help you figure out your teaching style and figuring out the learning style of your child. This curriculum package will be the perfect one for you because it will allow you teach your kid and you can also practice your teaching methodology. It contains only two subjects which is the English language and math because it is the most basic homeschool curriculum package. If you are looking for a curriculum package that is very basic and will be helpful in forming a solid foundation for your child then this product is definitely the one for you.

Technical Details:
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 1.3 x 11.3 inches
Shipping Weight: 3 pounds

Key Features:

• Boosts skills of the children: It contains workbooks which make practicing very enjoyable, the kids don’t get tired or bored of it. It ensures that the reading and writing skills of the students are improved. Along with that, their numbers skills are also improved as well.
• Daily practice: When the students practice on a daily basis, they learn quicker and gain confidence. The workbooks include daily activities which can be easily practiced by the students.
• Assessment of the weaknesses: Since the students practice on a daily basis, the parents get the opportunity to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their child. Once they have identified the weakness, they can further work in order to improve it.
• Easy to implement strategies and lessons: The homeschool curriculum package contains various activities which are helpful in the improvement of the academic skills of the children. It contains lessons and strategies which are easily implemented by the parents and there are no complexities involved.
• Based on current research: Some of the curriculums are based on old researches but this one is based on recent research and hence it is more effective for the students.

• It forms a strong foundation for future learning of the students.
• It is based upon current research which makes it more effective.
• It aligns to the national and state standards.

Some people may find them tricky for kindergarten students.

We will give this product a 4.5 out of 5 because of its efficient spread of knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) Does the homeschool curriculum package include all subjects?

Ans: Yes, many of the homeschool packages include all subjects but there are some that emphasis on a specific subject. Some of the curriculums include all areas and titles of the subjects while others contain only one subject and its areas.

Q2) My child is a slow learner, which homeschool curriculum package should I get?

Ans: If your child is a slow learner you need to figure out his learning style, if you see that he is a better reader then get a curriculum that focuses on reading but if you feel that your child learns better with visual representation then you should get the curriculum that contains more visuals or pictures so that he can grasp the information more quickly.

Q3) Can I assess my child through homeschool curriculum packages?

Ans: Yes, you can definitely assess the strengths and weaknesses of your child through homeschool curriculum packages by practicing on a daily basis, when your child will practice daily, you will be able to assess the performance instantly.

In this article, we provided you all with all the necessary information that is related to homeschool curriculum packages. We also provided you with the product reviews in order to give you a clear idea of all the options that are available for you. Now you have to make a rational decision of choosing the best product that suits with your need. The product reviews included the technical details, major features, pros and cons and also the rating of the products. Now, it’s your turn to figure out your needs and also to figure out your budget. Once you have figured them out, you will be able to choose the best homeschool curriculum package. we wish you best of luck with finding the best homeschool curriculum package. Happy Homeschooling!